A novel shape-perception network (HSPN) is proposed to reconstruct the 3D point clouds (PCs) of specific brains from one single incomplete image with low latency . 3D shape reconstruction is essential in the navigation of minimally-invasive and auto robot-guided surgeries whose operating environments are indirect and narrow . The performance of the proposed HSPN outperforms other competitive methods in terms of the performance of . the performance . of the HSPn outperforms . other competitive . methods in . terms of . qualitativedisplays, quantitative experiment, and . quantitative experiment . and classification evaluation evaluation . With the proposed . HSPPN, 3D . shape perception and . completion can be achieved spontaneously. With the . proposed H SPN, the . new model can be . achieved spontaneously, it can be used to construct 3D shapes of the

Author(s) : Bowen Hu, Baiying Lei, Yong Liu, Min Gan, Bingchuan Wang, Shuqiang Wang

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Keywords : d - proposed - shape - performance - perception -

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