In Cyber Physical Systems humans are often kept in the loop as operators or service users . Yet in many cases, humans and machines collaborate and provide services to each other . We propose a ServiceOriented Architecture (SOA) ontology model for the CPS environment as part of the Everything-as-a-Service paradigm . The model considers human characteristicsand their dynamics, as a service provider or collaborator with the machine . Asthe model is an enabler for engineering a self-adaptive CPS withhuman-machine collaboration as service providers . We show how human-machine service provision is possible. We demonstratethe feasibility of our conceptual reference model using a use case from themedical domain and we show how it is possible to use it in a different use case. We demonstrate how it can be used in a

Author(s) : Hargyo Tri Nugroho Ignatius, Rami Bahsoon

Links : PDF - Abstract

Code :

Keywords : service - model - machine - human - show -

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