The full standard is based on ambiguous natural language rather than formalspecification . Commercial SQL implementations interpret the standard in different ways . The lack of a well-understood formalsemantics makes it very difficult to validate the soundness of database systems . A formal semantics of SQL supporting all the aforementioned features was only proposed recently . In this paper, we report about our mechanization of SQLsemantics covering set/bag operations, nested subqueries, and nulls, writtenthe Coq proof assistant, and describe the validation of key metatheoreticproperties . We report on our mechanized approach to formalizing of the formalization of all widely-usedfeatures of SQL remains an open problem. We also report about the Coq Proof Assistant . Back to Mail Online home: Back to the page you came from. Back to The Top of the Top of The Back of the page¹¹Â³³. Share your story. Back To the page it was published by the Daily Mail Online.

Author(s) : Wilmer Ricciotti, James Cheney

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Keywords : sql - report - page - assistant - proof -

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