Vehicle platooning has the potential to significantly improve trafficthroughput and reduce fuel consumption and emissions . The study proposes a hybrid vehicleplatoon system for the connected and automated vehicles (CAVs) The leader adopts the CTG and the followers use the CS policy . The results show that the hybrid platoon system performs better than the CS-based platoon system . The findings have demonstrated the merits of the combined implementation of CTG- and CS policy in enhancing the performance andapplicability of the platoon system for CAVs. It also indicates the hybrid platoon system has obvious advantages over theCTG-based . system under the periodical fluctuation scenario and it is also comparable to the CTg-based plover system under . the large decelerationand acceleration scenario. The findings demonstrate the benefits of the combination of the CT G and CS Policy in enhancing . the . platoon system in enhancing of the . combination of CTg and CSpolicy in enhancing performance and applications of the plover systems forCAVs. The study concludes .

Author(s) : Yuan Zheng, Min Xu, Shining Wu, Shuaian Wang

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Keywords : system - platoon - enhancing - cs - ctg -

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