A New Mask R CNN Based Method for Improved Landslide Detection

This paper presents a novel method of landslide detection by exploiting the Mask R-CNN capability of identifying an object layout by using a pixel-based segmentation . A data set of 160 elements is created containing landslide and non-landslide images… The proposed algorithm can be potentially useful for land use planners and policy makers of hilly areas where intermittent slope deformations necessitate landslide detection as prerequisite before planning . The experimental results are quite encouraging as the proposed method achieves Precision equals to 1.00, Recall 0.93 and F1 measure 0.97, when ResNet-101 is used as backbone model, and with a low number of landslide photographs used as training samples . The proposed algorithms can be used to help land use planning and policy-makers in areas with intermittent slope dehabitants such as hilly regions where landslides need to

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Keywords : landslide - proposed - method - detection - hilly -

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