A paper proposes a new method for in vivo and almost real-time identification of biomechanical properties of the human cornea based on non-contact tonometer data . Further goal is to demonstrate the method’sfunctionality based on synthetic data serving as reference . As a result, the proposed method shows a relevantaccuracy in identifying material parameters based on displacement full fields . At the same time, the method turns out to work almost in real time (order of afew minutes on a regular work station) and is thus much faster than inverseproblems solved by typical forward approaches . However, the accuracy is sufficient for the identification ofdiseased tissue properties. However, analysis show that the accuracy was sufficient for . the . accuracy is necessary for the . identification of the . identified tissue properties . of the identified tissue¬†properties. It is not necessary to identify tissue properties of a patient or a patient with a patient. The

Author(s) : Stefan Muench, Mike Roellig, Daniel Balzani

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Keywords : properties - method - identification - tissue - based -

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