Specification synthesis is the process of deriving a model from the input-output traces of a system . Hybrid automata are intuitive,precise, tool independent, and at a high level of abstraction . Similarity detection in non-linearbehaviors is the main challenge for extracting such models . We address thisproblem by utilizing the Dynamic Time Warping technique . Our approach is passive, meaning that it does not need interaction with the system duringautomata synthesis from the logged traces; and online, which means that each input/output trace is used only once in the procedure . We evaluatedour algorithm in two industrial and simulated case studies . The accuracy of thederived automata show promising results. The accuracy in the derived automata have shown promising results, according to the authors. We evaluated our algorithm in the algorithm in

Author(s) : Iman Saberi, Fathiyeh Faghih, Farzad Sobhi Bavil

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Code :

Keywords : automata - algorithm - input - output - traces -

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