A paper presents PREHEALTH, a privacy-preserving EHR management solution that uses distributed ledger technology and an IdentityMixer (Idemix) The proposed solution is able to store patient records effectively whilst providing anonymity and unlinkability. Experimental performance evaluation resultsdemonstrate the scheme’s efficiency and feasibility for real-world scaledeployment. The proposedsolution is . able to . store patient . records effectively while providing . anonymity and unlinksability . The paper describes a proof-of-concept implementation that usesthe Hyperledger Fabric’s permissioned blockchain framework .

Author(s) : Charalampos Stamatellis, Pavlos Papadopoulos, Nikolaos Pitropakis, Sokratis Katsikas, William J Buchanan

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Keywords : records - effectively - patient - store - providing -

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