Embodied agents is a term used to denote intelligent agents, which are a component of devices belonging to the Internet of Things (IoT) Each agent is provided with sensors and actuators to interact with the environment,and with a ‘controller’ that usually contains an artificial neural network . In this paper, we propose areference model based on statecharts that offers abstractions tailored to the development of IoT applications . Our model includes the ANN training process, represented as a reconfiguration step such as changing agent features or neuralnet connections . Our contributions include the identification of the maincharacteristics of IoT embodied agents, a reference model specification basedon statechart, and an illustrative application of the model to supportautonomous street lights . The proposal aims to support the design and implementation of the models, including the use of the

Author(s) : Nathalia Nascimento, Paulo Alencar, Donald Cowan, Carlos Lucena

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Keywords : model - agents - iot - embodied - agent -

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