Craniomaxillofacial reconstruction with patient-specific customizedcraniofacial implants (CCIs) is most commonly performed for large-sizedskeletal defects . Because the exact size of skull resection may not be known prior to the surgery, in the single-stage cranioplasty, a large CCI isprefabricated and resized intraoperatively with a manual-cutting process . The manual resizing, however, may be inaccurate and add to the operating time . This paper introduces a fast and non-contact approach for determining the exact contour of theskull resection and automatically resizing the implant to fit the resection area . Our approach includes four steps: First, a patient’s defect informationis acquired by a 3D scanner . Second, the scanned defect is aligned to the CCI . Third, acutting toolpath is generated from the contour is generated . Lastly, the large CCi is resized by a cutting robot to fit . The method improves the resizing . by a robot to . fit the . resection areas according to the given toolpath

Author(s) : Shuya Liu, Wei-Lun Huang, Chad Gordon, Mehran Armand

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Keywords : resection - fit - resizing - cci - large -

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