Bandwidth AllocationModels (BAMs) are an alternative to support this new trend . The communication network context in actual systems like 5G, cloud and IoT(Internet of Things) presents an ever-increasing number of users,applications, and services that are highly distributed . Resource allocation in this context requires dynamic, efficient, and customized solutions . BAMSDN is a framework that dynamically allocates resources (bandwidth) for a MPLS(MultiProtocol Label Switching) network using a SDN (Software-DefinedNetworking)/OpenFlow strategy with BAM . The framework adopts an innovative approach for BAM systems by controlling the MPLS network usingSDN with OpenFlow .

Author(s) : Eliseu Silva Torres, Rafael F. Reale, Leobino N. Sampaio, Joberto S. B. Martins

Links : PDF - Abstract

Code :

Keywords : framework - allocation - openflow - network - bandwidth -

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