This paper presents a two-stage zonal Volt/VAR control scheme for coordinating inverter-based resources (IBR) with utility-owned voltage regulators (VR) to regulate voltage in unbalanced 3-phase distribution systems . An online VRvoltage setpoint tuning strategy is developed to reduce excessive tap changes and avoid large voltage fluctuations without retrofitting existing VR controllers . The proposed algorithm uses real-time voltagemeasurements only from the critical nodes (typically less than 4% of total nodes) to reduce the sensing and communication needs . Because the method is a rule-based approach, it runs extremely fast, requires fewer measurements, and requires no retrofit to the existing VR control mechanisms. The method is an extremely fast approach, and it has no retrofits to theexisting VR control mechanism. The proposal uses real time-series data are used to verify the accuracy of the algorithm.

Author(s) : Asmaa Alrushoud, Ning Lu

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Keywords : vr - control - based - voltage - time -

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