Caches have been used to construct various types of covert and side channelsto leak information . Most of the previous cache channels exploit the timingdifference between cache hits and cache misses . We introduce a new andbroader classification of cache covert channel attacks: Hit+Miss, Hit+Hit,Miss+Miss . We propose a new type of stable andstealthy Miss+Miss cache channel . We also demonstrate how senders could exploit a different number of dirty cache lines in a cache set to improve transmission bandwidth with symbols encoding multiple bits . The peaktransmission bandwidths of the WB channels in commercial systems can vary between 1300 to 4400 Kbps per cache set in the hyper-threaded setting withoutshared memory between the sender and the receiver . Further, This paper discusses and evaluates possible defenses. The paper concludes by discussing various forms of side-channel attacks. This paper also discusses and concludes by analyzing and evaluating possible defenses of possible defenses and describes possible defenses to avoid possible defenses, such as the use of a certain type of cache leaks. The write-back caches are widely deployed in modern processors. The new WB channels can varybetween 1300 and 4400 kps per cache sets in commercial Systems can varyby 1300 to 3400 kbps per Cache Sets . The write back cache sets can be easily accessed by a cache sets. The writing-back cache sets are widely available in modern

Author(s) : Yujie Cui, Xu Cheng

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Keywords : cache - sets - defenses - channel - commercial -

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