Actuator placement is a fundamental problem in control design for large-scalenetworks . The goal is to ensure that the system stays structurally controllable even when any of the selected actuators goes offline, with minimum number of backup actuators . We show that this problem isequivalent to the well-studied NP-hard hitting set problem. We prove that this new method attains a better performance, when thisevaluation considers the final actuator position set. Moreover, we study theproblem of minimal backup placements. Our results areverified by a numerical case study. Our findings are published in the New York City-based journal, Ars Ars Arsene D’Orchechetta, published online today at http://www.academademics.

Author(s) : Baiwei Guo, Orcun Karaca, Sepide Azhdari, Maryam Kamgarpour, Giancarlo Ferrari-Trecate

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Keywords : actuator - problem - study - ars - set -

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