Malware has become a widely used means in cyber attacks in recent decades . Static Malware analysis is effective for known malwares but it does not work for zero day malware which leads to the need of dynamic malware detection . Dynamic Malware detection is comparatively good among all detection techniques likesignature based, deep learning based, mobile/IOT and cloud based detection . This paper gives you thedetailed knowledge of advanced malware detection methods, how you can protect your devices and data from malware attacks and it gives the comparisonof different studies on malware detection. It gives you an overview of various methods ofmalware detection. A short description of each method is provided and discussesvarious studies already done in the advanced . malware detection field and their .comparison based on the detection method used, accuracy and other parameters. Apart from this we will discuss various malware detection tools, dataset and their sources which can be used in further study. We will also discuss various Malware Detection tools, datasets which can . can be . used in future study. to use in further research. We are happy to provide an analysis of various techniques.

Author(s) : Heena, B. M. Mehtre

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Keywords : detection - malware - based - advanced - tools -

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