We present a novel mapping approach for WENO schemes through the use of anapproximate constant mapping function . The new mapping approach maintains almost all advantages of the WENo-PM6 scheme, including low dissipation and high resolution, while decreases the number of mathematical operations . The extra computational cost is reduced by more than 83% and 93% compared to the W.O-M and WEN.M schemes, and compared to . the extra computational . cost is . reduced by over 80% and more than 93% respectively . The W.ENO-ACM scheme providessignificantly better resolution than the . WENOPM scheme and slightly betterresolution than the WEDO-PM 6 scheme . Numericalexperiments with two-dimensional problems such as the 2D Riemann problems have been conducted to . demonstrate the high resolution and the . two dimensional Eulerequations have been carried out to demonstrate the . high resolution of the two dimensional problems . The . WEDM scheme are improved in comparison with the WENNOPM and the WDE-ACm scheme. The WENAPM scheme. is reduced in comparison to the . 2D explosion problem, and

Author(s) : Ruo Li, Wei Zhong

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Keywords : scheme - mapping - resolution - reduced - dimensional -

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