Offline delegation offers an efficient way to exchange coins . However, in such an approach, the coins thathave been delegated confront the risk of being spent twice . In DelegaCoin, an owner can delegate his coinsthrough offline-transactions without interacting with the blockchain network . We exploittrusted execution environments (TEEs) as decentralized “virtual agents” toprevent malicious delegation. Aformal model and analysis, prototype implementation, and further evaluationdemonstrate that our scheme is provably secure and practically feasible. A prototype implementation of the scheme would be needed to be considered feasible. We hope to use the prototype implementation to further evaluate our scheme. A further evaluation of the prototype is possible to verify that it is provable and provably safe to use it in the near future. We believe that

Author(s) : Rujia Li, Qin Wang, Xinrui Zhang, Qi Wang, David Galindo, Yang Xiang

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Keywords : prototype - offline - implementation - scheme - feasible -

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