Software Product Lines (SPLs) are families of related software products developed from a common set of artifacts . Most existing analysis tools can be applied to a single product at a time, but not to an entire SPL . In this paper, we take an existing declarative analysis (behaviouralteration) written in Grok, port it to Datalog, and apply it to a set of automotive software product lines from General Motors . Wediscuss the design of the analysis pipeline used in this process, present itsscalability results, and provide a means to visualize the analysis results for a subset of products filtered by feature expression . We also reflect on some of the lessons learned throughout this project. We also present the results of this project, as well as present our analysis results and provide

Author(s) : Ramy Shahin, Robert Hackman, Rafael Toledo, Ramesh S, Joanne M. Atlee, Marsha Chechik

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Keywords : analysis - product - software - results - present -

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