Since the 1970s, most airlines have incorporated computerized support for managing disruptions during flight schedule execution . We provide a modular approach for assessing and executing thePTFM by employing a parallel ensemble method to develop generative routinesthat amalgamate the system of ANNs . Our modular approach ensures that current industry standards for tardiness in flight schedule executions during ADM are satisfied, while accurately estimating appropriate time-based performance metrics for the separate phases of flight scheduleexecution . We use historical data on airline scheduling and operations recovery to develop asystem of artificial neural networks (ANNs), which describe a predictivetransfer function model (PFM) for promptly estimating the recovery impact ofdisruption resolutions at different phases of Flight schedule execution duringADM . To this end, we provide an approach to assess and execute the PTFM, using an ensemble method that employs a modular

Author(s) : Kolawole Ogunsina, Wendy A. Okolo

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Keywords : flight - approach - schedule - modular - estimating -

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