Modern programming languages (e.g., Java and C#) provide features to separate error-handling code from regular code . The way exception handling code is structured in such languages may lead to multiple, different, and complex control flows, which may affect software testability . Little is known about relationship between testing practices and EH testing effectiveness . Most of the studied libraries presented test suites capable of detecting more than 70% of the injected faults . From a total of 12,331 mutants created in this study, the test suites were able to detect 68% of them. Our results show thatinstructions and branches within . $\mathtt{catch}$ blocks and .\mathtt {throw}$instructments are less covered, with statistical significance than the overallinstructs and branches. Nevertheless, most of the tested librariespresented test . Nevertheless, the study was able to detected more than 80% of those injectedfaults. From a

Author(s) : Luan P. Lima, Lincoln S. Rocha, Carla I. M. Bezerra, Matheus Paixao

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Keywords : test - code - testing - handling - suites -

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