Telehealth helps to facilitate access to medical professionals by enabling remote medical services for the patients . The benefits of telehealth have been even more apparent sincethe beginning of the COVID-19 crisis, as people have become less inclined tovisit doctors in person during the pandemic . The method provides an accuracy of83.28\% for precision@3 and shows robustness to its parameters . The considered algorithm has two steps: afiltering (i.e.e., triggering) model to filter out infeasible patient messages and a response generator to suggest the top-3 doctor responses for the onesthat successfully pass the triggering phase . The algorithm has been trained using machine learning algorithms using this preprocesseddata to generate the responses. It provides an accurate accuracy of 83.28 \% for Precision@3 . The methods provide an accuracy for precision @3 and show robustness of its parameters. The method is based on the data. The methods are based on an algorithm

Author(s) : Hadi Jahanshahi, Syed Kazmi, Mucahit Cevik

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Code :

Keywords : precision - medical - accuracy - algorithm - response -

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