The approach is based on mining Githistories and manipulating a degree of interest (DOI) model . It transforms sourcecode to revitalize feature log levels based on the “interestingness” of the surrounding code . The tool successfully analyzes99.26% of logging statements, increases log level distributions by $20% . The results indicate that the approach is promising in assisting developers in evolving feature loglevels. The approach was implemented as anEclipse IDE plug-in and evaluated on 18 Java projects with $3 million lines of code and $4K log statements. The results indicatethat the approach was promising in helping developers in evolve feature logloglouvels, authors say . Back to Mail Online home: Back to the page you came from: .

Author(s) : Yiming Tang, Allan Spektor, Raffi Khatchadourian, Mehdi Bagherzadeh

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Keywords : approach - article - feature - log - page -

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