Most sensor setups for onboard autonomous perception are composed of LiDAR and vision systems . The effective use of information from different sources requires an accurate calibration between the sensors involved . The proposed approach can handle devices with very different resolutions and poses, as usually found in vehicle setups . Open-source code is available athttps://://:// and the software is available in the open-source version of this article . We present a method to calibrate theextrinsic parameters of any pair of sensors involving LiDars, monocular orstereo cameras, of the same or different modalities. In order to assessthe performance of the proposed method, a novel evaluation suite is introduced. Experiments on the syntheticenvironment show that our calibration algorithm significantly outperform the algorithm significantly outnumbering existing methods, whereas real data tests corroborate

Author(s) : Jorge Beltrán, Carlos Guindel, Fernando García

Links : PDF - Abstract

Code :

Keywords : calibration - setups - method - open - significantly -

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