BigCQ is createdautomatically from a dataset of frequently used axiom shapes . These pairs of CQtemplates and query templates can be then materialized as actual CQs and SPARQL-OWL queries if filled with resource labels and IRIs from a givenontology . We describe the dataset in detail, provide a description of the process leading to the creation of the dataset and analyze how well the dataset covers real-world examples . We also publish the dataset as well as scriptstransforming axiom shape into pairs of . CQ patterns and . query templates,to make engineers able to adapt the process to their . particular needs, to make engineers . comfortable with the process of . adapting to their particular needs. We also published the dataset. We publish the datasets and scriptstranstransformed axiom patterns, to provide the datasets as well to

Author(s) : Dawid Wiśniewski, Jędrzej Potoniec, Agnieszka Ławrynowicz

Links : PDF - Abstract

Code :

Keywords : dataset - patterns - process - templates - query -

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