The paper proposes a blockchain-based E2EE framework that can mitigatethe contemporary vulnerabilities in messaging applications . The user’s devicegenerates the public/private key pair during application installation, and asks its mobile network operator (MNO) to issue a digital certificate and store it on the blockchain . A user can fetch a certificate for another user from thechat server and communicate securely with them using a ratchet forwardencryption mechanism . A public Key infrastructure (PKI)mechanism can be used to circumvent some of these issues, but it comes withhigh monetary costs, which makes it impossible to roll out for millions of users, says the paper . It proposes a blockage-based system that can mitigate the contemporary vulnerabilities of messaging applications. The paper also proposes a system that allows users to communicate with each other using their own private key pair to communicate securely using a private key to avoid privacy issues and to use a public key. The

Author(s) : Raman Singh, Ark Nandan Singh Chauhan, Hitesh Tewari

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Keywords : key - public - proposes - blockchain - communicate -

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