Most of the existing approaches for person re-identification consider a static setting where the number of cameras in the network is fixed . An interesting direction, which has received little attention, is to explore the dynamic nature of a camera network, where one tries to adapt the existing models after on-boarding new cameras, with little additional effort . Our approach minimizes the effect of negative transfer by finding an optimal weighted combination of multiple source models for transferring the knowledge . Extensive experiments on four challenging benchmark datasets with a variable number of . cameras well demonstrate the efficacy of our proposed approach over . state-of-the-art methods . methods well demonstrated the effectiveness of our proposal approach over state of the . proposed approach to our proposed approaches over state- of theart methods, we say. . The researchers say. The researchers have published their proposed approach in their published findings in The Journal of Human Perception of Re-Identification and Human Perception and Intelligence Intelligence (HPCARESON) Back to Back to Mail Online. Back to the page you came from

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Keywords : approach - proposed - methods - identification - cameras -

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