A paper uses distanceregularized level set (DRL SE) to explore the segmentation effect of epicardiumand endocardium . Five CT images are used to verify the proposedmethod, and image quality evaluation indexes such as dice score and Hausdorffdistance are used . The results showed that the researchers could separate the inner and outer membrane very well (endocardiumdice = 0.9253, Hausorfff = 7.8740) and epicocardium Hausdice= 0.9687 . The authors conclude that the method is useful to develop a fast and accurate way of segmenting the heart image of a patient with high-tech technology such as disease analysis and diagnosis, such as CT scans . The findings are published in the Journal of Human Anatomy.

Author(s) : Xinyang Wu

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Keywords : ct - image - set - segmentation - level -

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