In an intelligent transportation system, the effects and relations of trafficflow at different points in a network are valuable features which can beexploited for control system design and traffic forecasting . In this work, directed information is used to determine the underlying graph structure of a network, denoted directedinformation graph, which expresses the causal relations among nodes in thenetwork . We devise an algorithm to estimate the extent of the effects in eachlink and build the graph . The performance of the algorithm is then analyzed with synthetic data and real aggregated data of vehicular traffic of traffic . The results are published in the Journal of Science and Technology, published by MIT Press, ISA and Harvard University, respectively, on October 31, 2013 . For more information, visit

Author(s) : Sina Molavipour, Germán Bassi, Mladen Čičić, Mikael Skoglund, Karl Henrik Johansson

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Keywords : traffic - graph - algorithm - data - vehicular -

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