HPC systems employ a growing variety of compute accelerators with differentarchitectures and from different vendors . Large scientific applications need to run efficiently across these systems but need to retain a singlecode-base . Directive-based offloading models set out to provide the required portability, but, to existing codes, they themselves represent yet another API to port to . Here, we present our approach of porting the . particle-in-cell codePIConGPU to OpenACC and OpenMP target by adding two new backends to it . We introduce our approach in the face of conflicts between requirements and available features .

Author(s) : Jeffrey Kelling, Sergei Bastrakov, Alexander Debus, Thomas Kluge, Matt Leinhauser, Richard Pausch2, Klaus Steiniger, Jan Stephan, René Widera, Jeff Young, Michael Bussmann, Sunita Chandrasekaran, Guido Juckeland

Links : PDF - Abstract

Code :

Keywords : systems - approach - porting - offloading - based -

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