Edge computing has emerged as a prominentigm for low-latency data processing . Certain latency-sensitive processing operations may need to be performed at the edge, while delay-tolerant operations can be performed on the cloud . CLEDGE (CLoud + EDGE) aims to maximize the on-time completion of tasks offloaded by applications with diverse latency requirements . The design is motivated by the networking challenges that mixed reality researchers face. Our evaluation demonstrates that CLEDge can complete on–time more than 90% of offloaded tasks with modest overheads. The design ofCLEDGE is motivated to the networkingchallenge of mixed reality users face. We envision an environment where

Author(s) : Md Washik Al Azad, Susmit Shannigrahi, Nicholas Stergiou, Francisco R. Ortega, Spyridon Mastorakis

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Keywords : edge - latency - cledge - cloud - tasks -

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