Augmented Reality (AR) enables mobile usersto utilize text labels, in order to provide a composite view associated withadditional information in a real-world environment . Displaying all labels for points of interest on a mobile device will lead to unwanted overlaps between information and labels . The technique should remove overlaps, show the rightlevel-of-detail, and maintain label coherence . This is necessary as the viewingangle in an AR system may change rapidly due to users’ behaviors . A 3Dscene manipulation is then built to simultaneously suppress the incoherentbehaviors induced by viewing angle changes . We present the feasibilityand applicability of our approach through one synthetic and two real worldscenarios, followed by a qualitative user study. Finally, we present the effectiveness of the approach to our approach to the feasibility and applicability in our approach in our new paper on our new AR system. We hope to use our new system to test our new technology to test the feasibility of our new software for augmented reality in the future .

Author(s) : Thomas Köppel, M. Eduard Gröller, Hsiang-Yun Wu

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Keywords : approach - system - reality - ar - augmented -

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