Biomarkers play an important role in early detection and intervention in Alzheimer’s disease (AD) However, obtaining effective biomarkers for AD is still a big challenge . The worst transportation (WT) aims to find the least economical way to transport one measure to the other, which contrasts to the optimal (OT) The WT map is the gradient of a concave function satisfying the Monge-Ampere equation . We also develop an efficient algorithm to computethe WT map based on computational geometry . We apply the algorithm to analyzecortical shape difference between dementia due to AD and normal agingindividuals . The experimental results reveal the effectiveness of our proposedmethod which yields better statistical performance than other competitingmethods including the OT . The proposedmethods include the WT map

Author(s) : Min Zhang, Dongsheng An, Na Lei, Jianfeng Wu, Tong Zhao, Xiaoyin Xu, Yalin Wang, Xianfeng Gu

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Keywords : wt - ad - map - based - algorithm -

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