What you will learn from this course?

– Week 1: What is AI?
Machine Learning
What is data?
The terminology of AI
What makes an AI company?
What machine learning can and cannot do
More examples of what machine learning can and cannot do

– Week 2: Building AI Projects
Workflow of a machine learning project
Workflow of a data science project
Every job function needs to learn how to use data
How to choose an AI project (Part 1)
How to choose an AI project (Part 2)
Working with an AI team

– Week 3: Building AI In Your Company
Case study: Smart speaker
Case study: Self-driving car
Example roles of an AI team
AI Transformation Playbook (Part 1)
AI Transformation Playbook (Part 2)
AI pitfalls to avoid
Taking your first step in AI

– Week 4: AI and Society
A realistic view of AI
Discrimination / Bias
Adversarial attacks on AI
Adverse uses of AI
AI and developing economies
AI and jobs

Certification : Yes
Time to complete : 2 days
Cost : $69 per month after 7-day free trial
Course Level : Beginner
Language : English