What you will learn from this course?

– Course Overview
Why Python?
Course FAQs

– Python Setup
Command Line Basics
Running Python Code
Getting the Notebooks and the Course Material
Git and Github Overview (Optional)

– Python Object and Data Structure Basics
Introduction to Python Data Types
Numbers: Simple Arithmetic
Numbers – FAQ
Numbers Quiz
Variable Assignments
Introduction to Strings
Quick Print Check
Indexing and Slicing with Strings
String Indexing
String Slicing
String Properties and Methods
Strings -FAQ
Strings Quiz
Print Formatting with Strings
Print Formatting FAQs
Print Formatting
Lists in Python
Lists – FAQ
Lists Quiz
Dictionaries in Python
Dictionaries – FAQ
Dictionaries Quiz
Tuples with Python
Tuples Quiz
Sets in Python
Booleans in Python
Sets and Booleans Quiz
I/O with Basic Files in Python
File I/O
Resources for More Basic Practice
Python Objects and Data Structures Assessment Test
Python Objects and Data Structures Assessment Test

– Python Comparison Operators
Comparison Operators in Python
Chaining Comparison Operators in Python with Logical Operators

– Python Statements
If Elif and Else Statements in Python
While Loops in Python
Useful Operators in Python
List Comprehensions in Python
Python Statements Test Overview
Python Statements Test Solutions

– Methods and Functions
Methods and the Python Documentation
Introduction to Functions
def Keyword
Basics of Python Functions
Logic with Python Functions
Tuple Unpacking with Python Functions
Interactions between Python Functions
Overview of Quick Function Exercises #1-10
Quick Check on Solutions Link
Functions #1: print Hello World
Functions #2: print Hello Name
Functions #3 – simple Boolean
Functions #4 – using Booleans
Functions #5: simple math
Functions #6: is even
Functions #7: is greater
*args and **kwargs in Python
Functions #8: *args
Functions #9: pick evens
Functions #10: skyline
Function Practice Exercises – Overview
Function Practice Exercises – Solutions
Function Practice – Solutions Level One
Function Practice – Solutions Level Two
Function Exercise Solutions – Challenge Problem
Lambda Expressions, Map, and Filter Functions
Nested Statements and Scope
Methods and Functions Homework Overview
Methods and Functions Homework – Solutions

– Milestone Project- 1
Introduction to Warm Up Project Exercises
Displaying Information
Accepting User Input
Validating User Input
Simple User Interaction
First Python Milestone Project Overview
Milestone Project Help
Solution Overview for MileStone Project 1 – Part One
Solution Overview for MileStone Project 1 – Part Two

– Object Oriented Programming
Object Oriented Programming – Introduction
Object Oriented Programming – Attributes and Class Keyword
Object Oriented Programming – Class Object Attributes and Methods
Object Oriented Programming – Inheritance and Polymorphism
Object Oriented Programming – Special (Magic/Dunder) Methods
Object Oriented Programming – Homework
Object Oriented Programming – Homework Solutions
Object Oriented Programming – Challenge Overview
Object Oriented Programming – Challenge Solution

– Modules and Packages
Pip Install and PyPi
Modules and Packages
__name__ and “__main__”

– Errors and Exception Handling
Errors and Exceptions Homework
Errors and Exception Homework – Solutions
Update for Pylint Users
Pylint Overview
Running tests with the Unittest Library

– Milestone Project – 2
Introduction to Milestone Project 2 Section Warmup
Card Class
Deck Class
Player Class
Game Logic – Part One
Game Logic – Part Two
Game Logic – Part Three
Milestone Project 2 Overview
Solution Walkthrough – Card and Deck classes
Solution Walkthrough – Hand and Chip Classes
Solution Walkthrough – Functions for Game Play
Solutions Walkthrough – Final Gameplay Script

– Python Decorators
Decorators with Python Overview
Decorators Homework

– Python Generators
Generators with Python
Generators Homework Overview
Generators Homework Solutions

– Advanced Python Modules
Introduction to Advanced Python Modules
Python Collections Module
Opening and Reading Files and Folders (Python OS Module)
Python Datetime Module
Python Math and Random Modules
Python Debugger
Python Regular Expressions Part One
Python Regular Expressions Part Two
Python Regular Expressions Part Three
Timing Your Python Code
Zipping and Unzipping files with Python
Advanced Python Module Puzzle – Overview
Advanced Python Module Puzzle – Solution

– Web Scraping with Python
Introduction to Web Scraping
Setting Up Web Scraping Libraries
Python Web Scraping – Grabbing a Title
Python Web Scraping – Grabbing a Class
Python Web Scraping – Grabbing an Image
Python Web Scraping – Book Examples Part One
Python Web Scraping – Book Examples Part Two
Python Web Scraping – Exercise Solutions

– Working with Images with Python
Introduction to Images with Python
Working with Images with Python
Python Image Exercises – Overview
Python Image Exercises – Solution

– Working with PDFs and Spreadsheet CSV Files
Introduction to PDFs and Spreadsheets with Python
Working with CSV Files in Python
Working with PDF Files in Python
PDFs and Spreadsheets Python Puzzle Exercise
PDFs and Spreadsheets Python Puzzle Exercise

– Email with Python
Introduction to Emails with Python
Sending Emails with Python
Receiving Emails with Python

– Advanced Python Objects and Data Structures
Advanced Numbers
Advanced Strings
Advanced Sets
Advanced Dictionaries
Advanced Lists
Advanced Python Objects Assessment Test
Advanced Python Objects Test – Solutions

Certification : Yes
Time to complete :
Cost : 100 $
Course Level : Beginner
Language : English