What you will learn from this course?

– Python Basics
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Hello Python!
The Python Interface
When to use Python?
Any comments?
Python as a calculator
Variables and Types
Variable Assignment
Calculations with variables
Other variable types
Guess the type
Operations with other types
Type conversion
Can Python handle everything?

– Functions and Packages
Familiar functions
Multiple arguments
String Methods
List Methods
List Methods (2)
Import package
Selective import
Different ways of importing

– Python Lists
Python Lists
Create a list
Create list with different types
Select the valid list
List of lists
Subsetting Lists
Subset and conquer
Subset and calculate
Slicing and dicing
Slicing and dicing (2)
Subsetting lists of lists
Manipulating Lists
Replace list elements
Extend a list
Delete list elements
Inner workings of lists

– NumPy
Your First NumPy Array
Baseball players’ height
Baseball player’s BMI
Lightweight baseball players
NumPy Side Effects
Subsetting NumPy Arrays
2D Numpy Arrays
Your First 2D NumPy Array
Baseball data in 2D form
Subsetting 2D NumPy Arrays
2D Arithmetic
Numpy: Basic Statistics
Average versus median
Explore the baseball data
Blend it all together

Certification : No
Time to complete : 4 hours
Cost : $29 per month.
Course Level : Beginner
Language : English