COVID MobileXpert On Device COVID 19 Patient Triage and Follow up using Chest X rays

COVID-MobileXpert: a lightweight deep neural network (DNN) based mobile app that can use chest X-ray (CXR) for case screening and radiological trajectory prediction… We design and implement a novel three-player knowledge transfer and distillation (KTD) framework including a pre-trained attending physician (AP) network that extracts CXR imaging features from a large scale of lung disease . A fine-tuned resident fellow (RF) network and a trained lightweight medical student (MS) network to perform on-device patient triage and follow-up . The source codes for cloud and mobile based models are available from the following URL: https://://:// The source code for cloud/CXray is available in the following url: The model is available to the followingURL: .

Links: PDF - Abstract

Code :

Keywords : covid - network - cxray - follow - patient -

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