Anaphora and ellipses are two common phenomena in dialogues . Without resolving referring expressions and information omission, dialogue systems may fail to generate consistent and coherent responses . In this work, we propose a novel joint learning framework of modeling coreference resolutionand query rewriting for complex, multi-turn dialogue understanding . We show that the performance of query rewrite can be substantially boosted (+2.3% F1) with the aid of coreference modeling . Furthermore, our joint model outperforms the state-of-the-art Coreference resolution model (+2% F 1) on this dataset . We also outperform thestate-of theart core conference resolution model on this data .

Author(s) : Bo-Hsiang Tseng, Shruti Bhargava, Jiarui Lu, Joel Ruben Antony Moniz, Dhivya Piraviperumal, Lin Li, Hong Yu

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Keywords : coreference - model - resolution - ellipses - anaphora -

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