Afaan Oromo is the most widely spoken language in the Cushiticfamily by more than fifty million people in the Horn and East Africa . The increasing amount of useful documents written in English language brings to investigate the machine that can translate those documents and make it easily accessible for local language . But implementation is not very well explored due to the limited amount and diversity of the corpus. However, using a bilingual corpus of just over 40kentence pairs we have collected, this study showed a promising result. About aquarter of this corpus is collected via Community Engagement Platform (CEP)that was implemented to enrich the parallel corpus through crowdsourcing . The paper deals with implementing a translationof English to Afaan

Author(s) : Sisay Chala, Bekele Debisa, Amante Diriba, Silas Getachew, Chala Getu, Solomon Shiferaw

Links : PDF - Abstract

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Keywords : corpus - english - language - documents - machine -

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