Estimation models from connected vehicles often assume low level parameters such as arrival rates and market penetration rates as known or estimate them inreal-time . Filters are used asmultilevel real-time estimators. Accuracy is tested against known arrival rateand market penetration rate scenarios using microsimulations. The results show thatwith Kalman and Particle filters, parameter estimators are able to find thetrue values within 15 minutes and meet and surpass the accuracy of knownparameter scenarios . In addition,using last known estimated queue lengths when no connected vehicle is presentperforms better than inputting average estimated values. Both filtering algorithms are suitable for real time applicationsthat require less than 0.1 second computational time. Moreover, both filtering algorithms were suitable forReal-time applicationsthenhenhows that both filters are suitable to use less than 1.1 seconds

Author(s) : Gurcan Comert, Negash Begashaw

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Keywords : time - filtering - connected - suitable - filters -

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