In this two-part paper we develop a unifying framework for the analysis of the feasibility of the power flow equations for DC power grids withconstant-power loads . Part II of this paper explores further implications of the results in Part I . In Part I, we refine several results to obtain a necessary andsufficient condition for nonnegative power demands, which ischeaper to compute than the necessary and sufficient LMI condition in Part II . We prove that the unique long-term voltage semi-stable operatingpoint associated to a feasible vector of power demands is a strict high-voltagesolution . A parametrization of such operating points is also obtained, along with a parametriation of the boundary of the set of

Author(s) : Mark Jeeninga, Claudio De Persis, Arjan van der Schaft

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Keywords : power - part - ii - demands - condition -

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