Interoperation for data sharing between permissioned blockchain networksrelies on networks’ abilities to independently authenticate requests andvalidate proofs accompanying the data . This requires counterparty networks to know the identities andcertification chains of each other’s members . But permissioned networks are ad hoc consortia of existing organizations, whose network affiliations may not be well-known or well-established even though their individual identities are . In this paper, wedescribe an architecture and set of protocols for distributed identitymanagement across permissionedblockchain networks to establish a trust basisfor data sharing . We implement asolution based on Hyperledger Indy and Aries, and demonstrate its viability andusefulness by linking a trade finance network with a trade logistics network, both built on Hyperlingger Fabric . We also analyze the extensibility, security,and trustworthiness of our system. We also examine the system. The paper concludes.

Author(s) : Bishakh Chandra Ghosh, Venkatraman Ramakrishna, Chander Govindarajan, Dushyant Behl, Dileban Karunamoorthy, Ermyas Abebe, Sandip Chakraborty

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Keywords : network - networks - data - sharing - permissioned -

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