Shared mobility offers a future of no congestion in busy city roads with increasing populations of travelers, passengers, and drivers . We formulate a linearprogramming problem and derive the optimal assignment between travelers and vehicles . We provide the necessary and sufficient conditions for the stable traveler-vehicle profit allocation . Our goal is maximizethe social welfare of all travelers with optimal assignment while ensuring the feasibility and stability of the traveler- vehicle profit allocation whilerespecting the decision-making of both the travelers and the vehicles’operators. We aim to maximize the social welfare and ensure the economic and social benefits of each traveler with the optimal allocation while ensuringthe feasibility and safety of the travelers’ safety of all the vehicles and the drivers’ decision-makers. We hope to create a

Author(s) : Ioannis Vasileios Chremos, Andreas Malikopoulos

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Keywords : travelers - social - allocation - traveler - vehicles -

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