Conversational agents (CAs) represent an emerging research field in healthinformation systems . There are great potentials in empowering patients with timely information and natural language interfaces . This paper provides practitioners with a blueprint for designing CAs in diabetes care with concrete design guidelines that can be extended into other healthcare domains . We employed mean opinion scores and systemusability scale to evaluate AMANDA’s speech quality and usability,respectively . We also developed state-of-the-art technologies for .natural-sounding localised accent for localised localised . accent, respectively, in the project . We employ mean opinion . scores and . systemusabilities scale to evaluated AMANda’s . speech quality .

Author(s) : Thuy-Trinh Nguyen, Kellie Sim, Anthony To Yiu Kuen, Ronald R. O'donnell, Suan Tee Lim, Wenru Wang, Hoang D. Nguyen

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Code :

Keywords : localised - scores - diabetes - opinion - quality -

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