There has been no systematic methodology of constructing cyber-physical systems that can achieve desired control performance while being protected against eavesdropping attacks . We propose a systematic method for designing the both of an optimal key length and an optimal controller to maximize both of the controlperformance and the difficulty of the identification . The efficiency of the proposed method in terms of security level and realtime-ness is investigated through numerical simulations . To the best of our knowledge, this paper firstconnects the relationship between the security of cryptography and dynamicalsystems from a control-theoretic perspective . The proposed method is investigatedthrough numerical simulations to find out the efficiency and security level of a proposed method and real-timeness is considered to be the most efficient and effective in the most effective way possible to attack a given system of a cryptosystem with a given key length of a key and a key. The efficiency

Author(s) : Kaoru Teranishi, Tomonori Sadamoto, Aranya Chakrabortty, Kiminao Kogiso

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Keywords : key - control - method - optimal - efficiency -

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