Proton computed tomography (pCT) andintensity-modulated particle therapy (IMPT) treatment planning . Proton therapynecessitates a high level of delivery accuracy to exploit the selectivetargeting imparted by the Bragg peak . The pCT technique allows reconstruction of the volumetric distribution of the relative stopping power (RSP) of the patient tissue for use in treatment planning and pre-treatment range verification . We offer a comprehensive review of results, problems, and challenges in pCT and IMPT with the aim of bringing together cutting-edge know-how frommedicine, computer science, physics, and mathematics to bear on medical physicsproblems at hand . We expect that these developments will lead to more project work in the years to come, which requires a regular exchange between experts in the fields of mathematics and medicalphysics. We have initiated such an exchange by organizing annual workshops onpCT andIMPT . We have organized annual workshops . We hope to strengthen theirinterdisciplinary collaboration to bring together cutting edge know-How frommedinformal medicine, computerscience, physics and mathematics. We offer an overview of results and challenges to other scientists wanting to tackle such issues

Author(s) : Yair Censor, Keith E. Schubert, Reinhard W. Schulte

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Keywords : treatment - proton - mathematics - pct - planning -

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