The central challenge is how to securelydetect software exploits with minimal overhead . DIALED works in tandem with a companion CFA scheme to detect all (currently known) types of runtime software exploits at low-cost . Such attacks exploit softwarevulnerabilities to corrupt intermediate computation results stored in datamemory, changing neither the program code nor its control flow . The first Data-FlowAttestation (DFA) technique is applicable to the most resource-constrainedembedded devices (e.g., TI MSP430), such as the TI-MSP430s . The paper proposes to implement and evaluate the first data-flow (DIALED) technique for low-end MCUs that detect these attacks at a relatively low cost . It also proposes to

Author(s) : Ivan De Oliveira Nunes, Sashidhar Jakkamsetti, Gene Tsudik

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Keywords : dialed - data - detect - devices - ti -

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