Many fields have been affected by the introduction of concepts such as assensors, industry 4.0, internet of things, machine learning and artificialintelligence in recent years . As a result of the interaction of cyber physicalsystems with these concepts, digital twin model has emerged . The use of this model has made significant gains, especially in decision making processes . The study was carried out in order to shed light on the studies with the lack of resources in the Turkish literature and the cost accountingperspective . In the light of this information, the costeffect of the digital twinmodel, therefore its appearance from the costaccounting window and its use as a cost reduction method were evaluated. This study was conducted in the hope of improving the effectiveness of digital twin models in many areas of the study .

Author(s) : Suleyman Yukcu, Omer Aydin

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Keywords : digital - study - cost - twin - concepts -

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