Solving the power flow problem in a distributed fashion empowers differentgrid operators to compute the overall grid state without having to share gridmodels . We propose two physically consistent problem formulations(feasibility, least-squares) amenable to two solution methods from distributedoptimization . In addition, we provide open source matlab code for rapid prototyping for distributed power flow (rapidPF), a fully matpower-compatiblesoftware that facilitates the laborious task of formulating power flow problems as distributed optimization problems . The approach to solving distributed powerflow problems that we present is flexible, modular, consistent, andreproducible. In addition to the ADMM and Aladin there come convergence guarantees for the distributedpower flow problem. The code is available under

Author(s) : Tillmann Mühlpfordt, Xinliang Dai, Alexander Engelmann, Veit Hagenmeyer

Links : PDF - Abstract

Code :

Keywords : distributed - flow - power - problem - problems -

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