Wireless technology is available for safety-critical applications, but few applications have been used to improve train crossing safety . To prevent potential collisions between trains and vehicles, we present a DedicatedShort-Range Communication (DSRC)-enabled train safety communication system . We find that the warning application coverage range isindependent of the train speed, that the omnidirectional antenna with hightransmission power is the best configuration for our system . Higher train speeds are expected to be safe, but more measurements beyond the 200 m mark with respect to a crossing considered here are needed for a definite conclusion . We observe that the DSRC-enabled trainsafety communication system is feasible for up to 35 mph train speeds which isproviding more than 25-30 s time to avoid the collision for 25-65 mph vehiclespeeds . More measurements are needed to be necessary for a crossing in the area considered here were needed for the crossing considered considered here to be safer, but the more measurements were needed to the 200m mark of a crossing are needed are needed . More tests beyond that 200 m are needed

Author(s) : Junsung Choi, Vuk Marojevic, Carl B. Dietrich, Seungyoung Ahn

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Keywords : needed - train - crossing - communication - considered -

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