Current routeplanning algorithms are developed under ideal situations where all drivers are expected to behave rationally and properly . However, for jumbled urban roadnetworks, drivers’ actual routing strategies deteriorated to a series ofempirical and selfish decisions that result in congestion . In this paper, we establish a novel dynamic routing method catering drivers’ preferences and retaining maximum traffic mobility simultaneously through multi-agent systems (MAS) Modeling human-drivers’ behavior through agents’ dynamics, MAS can analyze the global behavior of the entire trafficflow . As a discretecontrol mechanism, our method is robust to chaos meaning driver’s disobediencecan be tolerated . As controlled by SPH based density, the only intelligenttransportation system (ITS) we require is the location-based service (LBS) we need is the . LBS . Amathematical proof is accomplished to scrutinize the proposed law of the proposed traffic flow to scrutinized the stability of the proposal . Also, multiple testing cases are built to verify the effectiveness of the . proposed dynamic routing

Author(s) : Jizhe Zhou, Qiwei Chen, Qin Li

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Keywords : routing - drivers - dynamic - traffic - proposed -

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